meganMegan, 24

Assistant Editor for two small town newspapers that you’ve never heard of, and yes I’m going to continue this sentence so that it doesn’t end in a preposition. Voted most likely to bring up Disney. Snail mail, exploring new places, and collecting quotes make me happy.



Sharon, 24

Studying to be a Marriage and Family Counselor. Hobbies include the finer things in life, such as beef jerky, cheese, nature, good books, dogs, and smack talk.


amelia Amelia, 21

I’m a tea enthusiast, avid reader, and full-time student. My joys include cuddling with my Boston Terrier, dancing through life, and finding beauty in the world around us.



Rita, 26

I’m dancing on my own. I make the moves up as I go. And THAT – well, that’s what they don’t know. But really, working that 9-to-5 like a champ and loving the opportunities that God gives me to work with Him in music and speaking ministry.



Hailey, 23
Currently staying hip to the youths on a daily basis as a part time youth minister at my home parish while pursuing a Masters in Pastoral Studies. I enjoy lots of coffee, Ben and Jerry’s, appropriately timed GIFs, porch swings, and Jimmy Fallon and his Lip Sync battles.