Magdalene House– You may be wondering ‘where did that name come from?’

Well, we do realize that it is kind of a strange name for a blog but it has a special meaning for us.  I can pin-point  the night that the sisterhood of these women who contribute to this blog began. We were all friends, of course, but driving home from an Audrey Assad concert the Holy Spirit moved and we began to talk about our desire for intentional relationships in our life.  We began to talk about finding a place for all of us to live together in community, so that not only could we help each other grow in our relationships with God but we could welcome others into that home to find a place of rest, of comfort, a place to be and to be loved. We decided that we would name the house the Magdalene house—partially because the girls humored my (Hailey’s) obsession with Mary Magdalene, my patron saint, and partially because of the example that she sets for us. She was a woman who was welcomed back into the arms of the Lord despite her brokeness, a woman who left everything to follow him to the ends of the earth, a woman who proclaimed the good news of His resurrection, and who lived in community with his apostles and the Blessed Mother. What a great example of a powerful woman of God!

We decided to pray a novena to help us find this house, but through much prayer and a lack of affordable houses we began to see that it was not God’s will for us to live in this ‘Magdalene House.’But instead of the house, the Lord began a greater work in us instead. This group of women, small at first, began to seek out intentional relationships with one another and were then empowered to welcome others in. Over the course of the last two years we have grown not only in size but in love. Through our little intentional community we have been able to love each other in good times and in bad, to pray with one another, to seek goodness, beauty, and truth together in all things. And here we are.

At this moment.

Two years ago, it was not time for us to have our Magdalene House, but now we feel the Lord has called us back to the idea in a different way. We decided amongst the 5 of us to start a blog–to share the beauty, truth, and goodness that we see in our daily lives with the world. To welcome the stranger, not into a physical home, but into the home of our hearts and our community. To carry out the basis of the mission of the Magdalene House that we originally came up with that night in a car on the highway. And the Lord has been so faithful to preserve that desire in us over the last few years. We can’t wait to see the plan that He has for us through this little blog, but we dedicate all of it for His glory through the Blessed Mother and St. Mary Magdalene’s intercession.

And on behalf of all of us from the Magdalene House, I say—

Welcome to our home!


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