{Scripture Reflections}

“The word is near you, in your mouth and in your heart.” {Rom 10:8}

I’ve been pondering this scripture since I heard it Sunday morning. It’s been constantly replaying in the back of my mind for the past few days. So since I’m an external processor and you, people of the Internet, are my captive audience, I’m gonna try to hash it out.

“The word is near you, in your mouth and in your heart.”

The word is near you. What is “the word”? My reaction is to say Jesus, Who was the “Word made flesh” {JN 1:14}. “The Word” thus is not what we think of when we hear “words,” the usual sounds, promises, noise. No the Word is the presence of an actual being. Think of when you are going through a tough time; what comforts you the most? Is it words that everything is gonna be okay or the presence of somebody to help bear the load, emotionally or physically?  And I think this part really blows my mind is that we are never alone! We may feel like it at times, but as Paul points out the Word, Jesus, is forever near. Standing beside us ready to help us in our struggles. He is there, right beside you, ready to carry you through whatever trials you face. The only thing we need to do is let Him. That’s the catch-22 of the free will God gifted us with. He is there waiting to help us, but we have to acknowledge our own brokenness and accept His help.

     “He is in your mouth and in your heart.”

This is the truly beautiful part for me. The order of mouth then heart I feel is really important. Instead of thinking that Jesus is guiding my words, I imagine the Eucharist. The Eucharist, the physical body of Christ, the physical point of where heaven meets earth, and we consume it. We are literally allowing Christ into our very being. By saying ‘Amen’ and receiving the host we are saying, “Yes Lord, you may enter here.” Similar to how in Song of Songs when the bride is described as a “garden closed, a fountain sealed” {Song 4:12} she then chooses to let her lover into the garden that is herself. This is exactly what happens when we receive the Eucharist, it is the moment where we let the Lord, our bridegroom, into our walled and gated gardens. The spaces that we hide from the world and others because we feel the need to protect these spaces, afraid others may use these places against us. It is in this space we allow the Lord to physically enter. And after that He is truly able to reach our heart of hearts.




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